Friday, March 30, 2012


I've moved blogs! (I snagged my name as the blogspot url! yipeee)

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Sunday, April 3, 2011


For Design Process 2, we're developing Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen into an animation. You can read the fairytale here. I designed the character of Gerda, who is the main character of the story, and a few environments which you may see in my post under this one.

I will continue keeping records of my progress with this project here.

Snow Queen Environments - Gerda's World


Gerda's House

Snow Queen Environments - Ideation

Kay & Gerda's Homes

(left to right, top to bottom) Kay & Gerda's garden, Gerda's favorite foods, bridge over the river near Kay & Gerda's school, Gerda's bed

Trees and flowers

Witch's house (very deceiving...)

Snow Queen's Castle

Ice formations in Snow Queen's realm

Trees in the Snow Queen's realm

Value studies

I looked at Miroslav Sasek and Tadahiro Uesugi for inspiration.